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Our world is full of data and for it to mean anything it has to be presented in a way that enables us to understand the information quickly and one of the best ways to do this is visually. I transform data into beautiful infographics for websites, presentations and teaching materials, using charts, illustrations, icons and text. If you are a creative agency looking for an infographic designer or a content marketing director requiring a designer or if you require an infographic C.V. to make your job application extra special, it would be great to hear from you.

Twitter vs Instagram

Infographic for a content marketing company


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If content marketing was...

Metaphorical infographic for a content marketing company


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Why Infographics

Infographic learning materials


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How to make coffee with a French Press

Infographic for Neroitalia an ecommerce speciality food company


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Influencer Marketing Infographic

Insight on recent influencer marketing statistics


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Infographic Design Trends

Infographic for a course on Skillshare


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Hello! I’m Rachel and thank you for taking the time to browse my work. I'm a UK based designer with a special interest in web design, infographics, data visualisation, & illustration. An accredited teacher, I design and present online video courses in infographics and data visualisation via the Skillshare online learning platform.

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