Online learning courses

On-demand learning for business professionals – I design and present classes on graphics and data visualisation via the online learning platform Skillshare. Sign up via the links below; free for two months with access to all other courses on the Skillshare platform too,  (Easy un-subscribe anytime)

Online Learning Courses - Google Data studio

Google Data Studio

In this class you will learn the basics of Google Data Studio. its a fantastic free tool which allows you to create marketing dashboards  and customisable reports which display your business data in an engaging and readable way.

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33 Minutes

Make circular logos & icons

Each lesson in my class Adobe Illustrator class Make Circular Logos and Icons, teaches you a small number of techniques and will give you the opportunity to learn new skills in the project that you will design and plenty of practice to speed up your design process.

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Business & Marketing Infographics

Learn how to create an infographic creating graphs, pictograms and icons, integrating with text to tell a story. Find out how to design appealing visuals using a defined colour scheme with graphs, icons & text.

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38 Minutes

A freelance web designer and developer helping clients across Kent, London and the UK. 

Software and web apps trainer in fullstack development.